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Got my 1st depo shot 3 weeks ago now ive been bleeding 12 days straight. What can I do to stop it?

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LousArk 22 Mar 2016

It's normal for that to happen whilst your body is adjusting to Depo Provera. It can take 2 or 3 shots for it to settle down, depending on your own body.
Unless the bleeding gets stupidly heavy & constant, it's worth letting nature take its course, as you can get something from the doctor (more hormones) to add to things & it 'might' help you, but it's just giving your body more artificial hormones to have to try to balance.
It's important that you take a good quality calcium supplement when using Depo Provera, & it should have the correct ratio of magnesium & vitamin D in it, in order to absorb the calcium. The best ratio I've found in one supplement is Osteocare.
The reason you need calcium is due to the bone thinning that Depo Provera causes. It can lead to osteoporosis (brittle bones).
When you stop getting your shots, it can take 18 months or so to get your fertility back, & your bleeding can be very irregular whilst your body readjusts back to its normal balance, without the artificial hormone in Depo Provera.

LousArk 22 Mar 2016

It's worth upping your exercise routine, too, as Depo Provera commonly causes weight gain. Upping your exercise routing now, should prevent this. free discount card

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