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1st day of last period 23rd july and had unprotected sex on 14th &17th aug.wil I conceive?

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Stephen Treloar 22 Aug 2014

You probably have the same chance of conception that goes with just about any unprotected sex. Kaismama (supreme helpful member) has repeatedly pointed out that those app's you download off the internet are rubbish and if you follow the advice you are likely to become pregnant or a parent. Plan B is not particularly effective and makes a mess of your hormones and should not be relied on.

As an example: In statistics we have a population of girls called a 'sample' and that 'sample' follows a curve called a 'bell curve' (like an upside down slightly flattened bell). Ovulating in the middle is most likely but to make it a normal sample some girls will ovulate very early and some very late and a lot in between. It is unlikely that you will be able to determine where you are as it can change from month to month, I believe.

kaismama 22 Aug 2014

If you're trying to get pregnant, its not all that easy, and if you don't want to get pregnant, you might. Our bodies are quite uncooperative, but if it wasn't planned that way there would be allot more kids running around. It took me 6 mos for my first and 2 yrs for my second. If you have a normal 28 day cycle, the books say it would be too late for conception. There are all those variables stephen talked about. It is extremely difficult to know just when you ovulate and it would involve basal temperatures and checking cerival mucous. free discount card

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