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I took a 1mg klonopin 7 hrs ago and now I'm wondering can I take a 50 mg amititripoline???

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Inactive 29 Jul 2012

If they were both prescribed to you, then of course you can take your amitrip.
Many people take benzo's and antidepressants with no problems.
Good luck.

Inactive 29 Jul 2012

Of course you can take your psych meds together. I just poor all of them in my hand and ... gulp with my coffee. The only thing I'd like to add to philly's most appropriate answer is, depending on how long you've been on the combo, might watch out for unbelievable sleepiness. Once you get used to the meds, that side effect goes away. As long as they are working for your depression and anxiety issues, best of luck. Both are oldies but goodies as far as head meds go.
Best of luck to you,
PS. If you would like a discussion on your problem, click on conversational instead of the default direct button. Just sayin'.

Inactive 30 Jul 2012

Li'l hippie, you are just so adorable! i usually get a grin, if not a big laugh from your posts, it's the way you word them that makes 'em funny.
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