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Is 1mg of klonopin 3 times a day stronger than 2mg of klonopin 3 times a day?

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MeggieGirl 20 Jun 2016

Is it possible you mistyped your question?

One times three equals three.
Two times three equals six.

Two milligrams would be twice the strength. So no, the one milligrams would not be stronger. You just have it backwards.

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DF94 18 Apr 2018

Your comments sound condescending.

DatGuy 22 Feb 2017

Are You stupid!? What kind of question is that? Obviously 2mg is MORE than 1mg you dork. Don't waste valuable space on here with such a retarted question. Smh

Dadlongworth 8 Mar 2018

People make mistakes,be ye kind to one another.

DF94 18 Apr 2018

Chill & use spell check

Renee1983 11 Jul 2018

My Father was on 2mg on the same medication and he had to switch back to 1mg because he could not feel the 2mg... as crazy at that sounds... everyone's body is different

Renee1983 11 Jul 2018

There was no excuse to treat that person that way... my father was on 1mg and his doctor switched him to 2mg and he had to switch back to 1mg because he was not feeling the affects of the 2mg as crazy as that sound... his brother had the same problem free discount card

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