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Can I take 1mg of klonopin and 20mg of OxyContin?

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balbanese 21 May 2012

The concern here is respiratory depression, since these are both prescribed meds, this is a question for the prescribing physician. Combining these 2 things without a Doctor's approval could be dangerous. Hope this helps.

HeadStarter 21 May 2012

If these meds are from two different doctors and neither knows about the other and the other's med... the answer would be "NO"! At least not until you check to see the interactions. You can ask the pharmacy... you can call your PM doctor or your psych doctor (or whoever prescribed the klonopin) and ask them.

If you got it from a source other than a doctor that would be a definite "NO", and I would tell you to seek help if your med isn't working. Do not self-medicate, if that is what you are planning to do.

I don't mean to be harsh sounding but the way you worded your question is leaving some questions in my mind as to why you don't know if this is safe or not. Please do not take things that are not prescribed just for you. You can get into problems that you wish you never had.

I hope this helps you... and please let us know how you are doing. Your question is just kind of "vague" so the responses are likely to be different and considering different scenarios here. Some clarity would be good here.


Trich1008 21 May 2012

I apologize for my wording. The meds are from the same doctor I just have read some ba things about the interaction of the 2 drugs. Thank you for your response.

HeadStarter 22 May 2012

You are welcome. The clarification is appreciated and I didn't mean to come across harsh. You can definitely talk with the pharmacy about the interactions. I don't think your doctor would have prescribed these things to you if the "pros" didn't far outweigh the "cons".

Judyfw 8 Jan 2018

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