I had sever panic attack for months the frequency was more than 10 a day, in sever winter I used to get wet by sweating of panic attack. I had fear that I'm going to die , I'm going to have heart attack. Every time I had panic attack my heart rate reached 130 pm. The doctors took all the tests and found nothing, prescribed me anti depressants which I never took coz I thought I had heart problems not phsyco. Eventually after 6 months , every day after going through hell I started taking antidepressants with benzos in high doses. For 4 months I could not get down of my bed with the fear if I get down I'll die. I can't explain my condition in words, I don't know what is hell but I know I'd been in worst conditions than hell. Now for the last 17 years I'm on 10 mg citalo, 25 mg atenolol and 1 mg clonazepam. Primarily the doses were high.
If I don't take my medicine for a day or two , panic attack start again. I'm unable to leave a single dose. Especially atenolol and clonazepam.
Any help how can I get rid of or tapper of clonazepam especially coz I've read a lot about it that how dangerous it is.