My son was hospitalized in September of 2012 for psychosis and spent 5 weeks there. When he was release he was put on Invega Sustenna and Prozac. He was sleepy all the time and gained 15 pounds. We are now on our second doc who has changed his meds several times based on his behavior. He didn't want to take the Invega anymore so she put him on Lamictal with the Prozac. At first it worked great by week three you could see the psychosis coming back. Then she put him on Geodon and Dapakote ER. It took him until mid day to be able to function, so she switched him to Zyprexa and Dapakote ER. It's been two days and the psychosis is clearing up, but we can already see a problem with the weight gain and his behavior is changing. He is agitated an a little angry. Should we just wait the two weeks for the meds to work?
meds: Depakote ER 1000mg & Zyprexa 10mg