I'm a 19 yr old 'healthy' female. about 4 months ago i was diagnosed with h.pylori. that has since been resolved and a breath tested showed i was in the clear. i have had an MRI, Abdominal X-RAY and Chest X-RAY. this showed nothing. I'm about to get a CT scan. I also always have low BP.

my symptoms are as follows
- effortless vomiting everyday (anything between 1 to 20 times) sometimes bile
- breathlessness
- loss of appetite, i now force my self to eat and always throw it up
- weight loss (A year and a half ago i lost 50 kgs, however i changed my lifestyle and exercised, 15kgs of the 50 was effortless)
-pain in upper abdominal, dull type pain
- occasional extreme bloating for days
- no energy, i have since stopped exercising, walking a short distance feels like torture (doc said symptom of h.pylori is chronic fatigue)
- some nausea

This first begun 7 months ago when i threw up a meal seconds after i took a few bite, without pain or any notice and then began to throw up every few days then every day. the same thing with energy levels. I also drink coffee every morning or else i end up with serious constipation from lack of nutrients.
Thank you for the help, I'm desperate