... with my bf and at that time i was a vrgn and i lost my vrgnty but got a v lill amount of blood and pain at that time and he did not ejaculated sperms still not to take any kind of risk i had an ipill within the 12 hrs and it started to pain my body and abdominal area..aftr few hours it started bleeding but the bleeding was v light and it stoped in just two days and from tht day i m having naushea and severe body ache and abdominal pain too and now aftr 6-7 (11-may) days i again got bleeding though i dont have any sex and this time its a heavy flow and this is my 3rd bleeding in this month... m dyng with pain and naushea plz tell me doctor is it an ipill effect or becoz of losng my vrgnty or i m in any danger plz help me doctor..m very tense is there any chances of geting pregnant or any damage in reproductive system..plz doctor help me m v tense..i m dying with pain and feeling like my legs aint working... for me this is a very serious problem as i cant consult any gynee for this reason... so please doctor try to get me out of this