Side effects from previous treatments Rebetron and Pegasys seem to be appearing again. They never really went away fully, as many have always been with me, though in a milder but more tolerable form. Bone, joint and muscle aches mostly. Has anyone else noticed this, also? Fibromyalgia was suggested as a cause, but tests show it's not. I am stumped as to this anomaly. God forbid, I never want to go through that hell in a hypodermic ever again. My memory issues never really left, either... both long and short term. I know getting older doesn't help, but it shouldn't be this bad, either.
Any help, info or advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW... after 12 weeks the virus is undetectable in my labs. Actually, after 4, but itcould have been hiding, so I was advised.
Best of luck and good health to everyone blessed with this awesome gift of renewal.