Partial quad. 12 surgeries in 15 yrs. 6 back fusions. 2 lumbar disks now crushed below lumbar fusion. New RT. shoulder, May 2014. Neurogenic bladder/bowel, 2 drop feet. Use rollator walker 1/5 of the time, manual chair 4/5ths. Walk in house. Fall often. poor balance after months of rehab, also hand therapy. Concussions caused mild TBI. Constant severe neuropathy from chest down, damaged hands, all joints rapidly deteriorating. Both knees bone on bone. Sleep off and on up to 4 hrs. rarely. Was volunteering but have felt sick since drug switch. Went from 180 Oxycontin.180 Oxycodone over night to 48 ml Dulaudid every 4 hrs (6/8ml daily) Increased diarrhea first, now constipation worse. Been on enemas for 5 yrs. 24/7 self cath. Feel fairly well considering but some nurse friend said Dulaudid was much stronger than Oxycontin et. even though my dose dropped from 360mls of that to to 48mls Dulaudid. Also had to increase my Valium for almost constant cramps/spasms in legs at sleep or night time to 4 1ml pills. I was on the high dose of oxy from almost the beginning and never felt it lost potency. Switched only due to loss of insurance (LONG story). The oxy stuff was 2K monthly, out of pocket, as the Dulaudid dose is 190.00. Don't need alternatives. Tried multiple alternatives to meds, I.e., shots, anticeisure drugs, acupuncture, tens, et. Just want to know 2 things.
1. More details on the med and my dose change.
2. Tips on constipation caused by neurogenic bowel and opiods. Opiod answers alone do NO GOOD at all. Using many pills, newest Linzess.Free from doc. If I forget meds long enough will get diarrhea (withdrawal symptoms start) I sometimes can push this out. Otherwise the door is shut and locked.
Constant stomach discomfort and just had surgery for hemorrhoids.
Thank you.