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180mg MS Contin per day = how much Dilaudid?

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Stephen Treloar 15 Aug 2017

I checked out an eqivalency chart that puts oral hydromorphone at 4 times the potency (mg for mg) of oral morphine sulphate. 180 mg of morphine sulphate is the equivalent of 45 mg hydromorphone. Other calculators use a ratio of 5 to 1 which would put you at 36 mg of hydromorphone

Note, the same first calculator has this to say: "Tips and Warnings When Converting TO this Opioid
Hydromorphone (Oral)
Extreme caution should be exercised when replacing morphine with hydromorphone. Hydormorphone is considerably more potent than morphine (10 mg injectable morphine = 1.5 mg hydromorphone), which has been fatal because of miscalculation and/or decimal point errors."
Source: practicalpainmanagement

Hopefully expert member Masso has something to add.

masso 15 Aug 2017

I think my friend Stephen, has given an excellent and clear answer.

masso 15 Aug 2017

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