... due to stress and my doctor said it was nothing to worry about. For the past year though I have had regular monthly cycles usually between the seventh and twelfth of every month. However, I have gone about nine weeks without a period.I have never had penetrative sex, however I have engaged in other sexual activity, but my partner and I try to be cautious. I have taken seven at home pregnancy tests, starting on the first possible day I was expecting my period, and then another every week afterwards. They were all first response tests, two clearly displaying the word "no", and the others depicting only one dark pink line with not even the slightest trace of a second line. I have had no real early pregnancy symptoms, other than being very tired which can easily be attributed to my schedule. I'm extremely stressed about the possibilty of pregnancy, but also about what to do. So I suppose my questions are 1.) what is the real risk of pregnancy when it comes to only oral sex, 2.) should I be worried about possibly still being pregnant, and 3.) what can I do to get my period back on track to relieve my stress. Please help, thanks in advance!