... wondering if Camila could be making her migraines worse? She had a "new onset daily chronic migraine" which began 9/15/14 and hasn't broken. She was admitted for a week in Neurology, she has had 2 occipital nerve blocks, 1 cervical plexus block, 1 medial cervical branch block, 5 ER visits, P.T. and acupuncture, but no relief from the migraine. She is taking the medication as part for constant suppression of her period following endometriosis surgery in February 2013. At this point it seems like her doctors want her to choose between her migraine pain or her endo pain. One of her GYNs said that headaches weren't associated with Camila, but web md, and other sites says they can be. I just posted a lot of information - anything would help. Thank you. Suzanne