My son is in a group home, having insomnia issues, loss of apetite and loss of energy, they want to prescribe him zoloft at 50 mg yet I read that insomia is one of the side effects of zoloft? I believe that if he gets some sleep, (claims he hasnt had a decent night sleep in a week) then he would be better and these "mild depression" issues would probably resolve themselves or at least get slightly better. I dont like dosing my children, I also have a 13 year old with adhd on concerta and until I had researched and asked everyone everything (he only loses his apetite for 12 hours a day) then did I allow for it. I am so scared for the side effects (suicidal tendencies) as well as the thought of another one of my children being on medication what do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your help!!