I'm a 16 year old girl and for the past 2-2 1/2 years now I've been suffering from daily constant headaches and maybe once a month I get a migraine that usually last 4 days and I'm completely disabled to do anything I can't even attend school because of the pain. The most recent migraine I got last for 2-3 weeks and made me miss the last week and half of school of my previous semester. I was in and out of my doctors office and they gave benadryl and vennigan shots in my butt as well as demural and vennigan so I could go to sleep because sleeping is my only escape but even when I wake up I still have them. I had a CT of my head and it was normal I have not yet had a MRI though. I'm on 50 mg of Topomax and for my onset headache I take firocet and for my onset migraine I take Imitrex. None of it helps. I'm beginning to feel hopeless! I have not yet seen a neurologist either because my family doctor just thinks they'll take the same steps. Also 2 years ago I had a rugby accident and was knocked out and almost broke my cheek bone the next day my doctor said I didn't have a concussion but could I have just passed the test even with a concussion? I have other medical problems and if you need that additional information I'm more than happy to let you know. I'm graduating this year and will be moving out of state for college and I'm beginning to become worried I wont be helped and well be on my own with this problem, I'm terrified of moving away and the possibility I wont be diagnosed or helped in any way. I've had neck treatments by my doctor to where he cracked my neck and it didn't help, also I'm a very stressed teen and a huge worry wort if that helps. My dad passed away when I was 3 so I also suffer from depression at times. Also I just had all my wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago do you think maybe in time this will help? Please please give me some answers or suggestions I am only 16 and shouldn't have these problems and am becoming desperate for help. Please if you need any more information I'm willing to communicate. I just want to live a normal pain free life before I leave for college.