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My 15mth old son put a .6mg levothyroxine in his mouth and some of the pill diisolved in his mouth?

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kaismama 26 Jan 2013

Call poison control, they can tell you if its anything to worry about. 1-800-2221222. The child should not have been able to get to medication.

DzooBaby 26 Jan 2013

When you have small children in the house, keep the poison control number posted by your phone or on speed dial so you have it available in an emergency. They will tell you what to do so dont try to do anything until you get directions from them (as far as inducing vomiting or anything of that nature). Children are very curious by nature so it is of utmost importance that you keep harmful substances out of their reach. Keep poisons locked up. Medications should be kept out of reach and in child resistant containers, ALWAYS! Just keeping things high up is not always safe as many kids are climbers and learn quickly how to scale cabinets, refridgerators-whatever, to get to high cabinets when they are curious. My youngest son was a master at climbing as soon as he could walk! He scaled an 8 foot cinder block fence at age 3! I had to install locks on my cabinets and I had to put safty latches on the doors at the top to keep him from going outside on his own.

4N Substances 27 Jan 2013

Hello jpraul,
I suppose that by this late hour you have contacted Poison Control! It seems odd that with your child having just ingested an adult's prescription medication you would first be posting a question about it on an unmanned website. I have no idea the toxicity of this med. Despite a difficult lesson for you, hope you're child is doing ok.
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