Hi I'm 35 year old male, life was going great until things at work changed and I struggled to cope with the change 4 years later I'm still in the same boat, but it's not as straight forward as just changing my job. Anyway enough about my problems I starting waking around 5am with bad anxiety and unable to go back to sleep as it got worse I started struggling at work looked awful so I went to the doc. At first he tried me on 20mg citalopram I took one and felt like I had popped an ecstasy tablet then around 6 hours later had a come down and an horrendous night, so stopped taking the meds.
Now I am trying again on 10mg taking in the morning I am on day 15. The last couple days I am just num and show little emotion and excited or interested in nothing! I've lost nearly a stone 10% of my body weight because I can't eat large meals in fact if I didn't make an effort I could quite easily not eat at all. My doctor is saying to stick on 10 mg as I am sensitive to medication but I really want to get to some sort of normality.
Can anyone comment on the side effects especially the appetite one? How long before you got your appetite back? Also can 10mg help people or should I really be on 20? Is it normal to feel empty with no emotions I just want to smile? Also I wake so early still taking 10mg amitriplyline to help? Does sleep get better?