Been on fentanyl since Dec. last year. I'm rolling around in my bed unable to rest let alone sleep, which comes in 2-3 hours waking up to fear that this body pain is increasing. Spasums are occurring in my legs that are powerful and cause me to cry out. Very embarrassing. This drug is being used on me as oxyconten was being discontinued in my pain management of 18 years. Was injured at work by psychotic pt. My discs have been proturded onto the spinal cord at L3-4. L5-L1,S1 all discs protuded, not a candidate for surgery.Unbearable pain. Insurance does not want to pay for meds anymore so they are reducing. I feel that this is it at times and wish this could all stop. I had pain control which the patch was at 150mcg. Not the case anymore. Having to be left with terrible pain and telling me that's all we will do now. Maybe if a doctor is reading this and considering putting drugs into a human body,maybe think to just let the person go and save years of suffering. I am unable to understand why that I'm in so much pain 24 hours a day that taking away meds is helping me to be more healthy is beyond me.
At anyrate this is happening and I must go with the flow. My question is there something somewhere that I could do to help me not feel so restless?