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150 mgs amitriptylin for 20+ years stopped taking it how long withdrawals last?

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kaismama 16 Apr 2014

You should never have just stopped taking it. I don't know anyone who's done that after all those years.

Trott 16 Apr 2014

It's my mom who is having trouble,her Dr. Took her off meds !! withdrawals are horrific :(

kaismama 17 Apr 2014

He should have tapered her off of it. He is endangering her. I'd call him and ask him to order a smaller dose to taper her down, and not by cutting it in half every few days. I've been on 150 for at least that long, and I just cut it to 75 without a problem, but I stayed on 75. No person under drs care should suffer withdrawal from a medication.

Delila 17 Apr 2014

Hi, i have been taking 50mg of Amitriptyline for several years, and some time ago i started the process of discontinuing them. I went down from 50mg to 25mg, then from 25mg to 20mg, then from 20mg to 10mg, before stopping completely. This way the withdrawals weren't severe, but i did experience insomnia, mild pain, low mood & nausea for about 2 weeks. Was the Amitriptyline tapered from or not? Hopefully, the withdrawals won't last any longer than mine did??? However, it is important to report these symptoms to the patients doctor so he can assess how they are getting on and possibly use drug intervention if needed... free discount card

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