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I am on 150 mg buproprion hcl and it is helping me a great deal. Can I stay on this forever?

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chuck1957 27 Mar 2014

486, yes i have seen people on it for many many years,,, i am very happy it is working for you as you and most know that is the most trouble finding the right drug or combination of meds to help with the depression.I am sure the doctor well not have a problem keeping you on it..and don't worry sometimes with any of these we have trouble but there is lots of dose adjustments if needed... Don't worry Ocean it is all good Just keep taking it and not skip doses because you think you are doing or not needing it... so happy you found something to work it is very fursturating the trial and error of getting the right medication that gives us relief... have a good week... chuck1957.

486ocean 27 Mar 2014

Thank you Chuck. I am happy too that this drug is working for me and I had concerns that maybe I wouldn't be able to take it long term so it's good to hear that I can. Thanks again. Got to get ready for work. Have a good day! free discount card

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