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I take 150 mg of buproprion every morning, would I be able to have a glass of wine at night?

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DzooBaby 16 Nov 2013

I dont see what one glass of wine would hurt but a good resource for this kind of info is to call the pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist and ask him/her this question to be sure. Medications and reactions/interactions are their specialty.

486ocean 16 Nov 2013

Thanks, that's a great idea. I will call the pharmacy and ask.

sjb123 16 Nov 2013

Yes, there is no harm in a glass or two . just be sure first time you have wine you are not driving or have to be anywhere-- test it out at home to see how our body reacts to wine and drug in your system. I take 150 mg and I am totally fine , but everyone is different. Always smart to err of safe side. free discount card

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