I took him back to the ER last night related to increased, uncontrolled coughing and severe chest pain. The PA ordered 1 Gm Rocephin IM. I was concerned due to the fact my older son's fiance was given Rocephin IM last week, at the same ER, and developed a severe infection at the injection site that required emergency surgical intervention. She will have a wound vac in place for at least 2 months. Last night, when my son's nurse came in to administer the medication, she was initially planning to inject 2 ML at one site on a 5' 11", 113 lb adolescent. I politely expressed my concern regarding the use of a single site. She then proceeded to use two separate sites as follows. She introduced the needle into the first site; aspirated; injected 1 ML; withdrew the used needle with the remaining 1 ML still in the syringe. She then changed out the used needle by placing a clean one on the used syringe and followed the same procedure for the second site as she did for the first. My question is, considering the outcome of my future daughter-in-law's injection, would this be regarded as proper technique for a two site drug administration? Would this not be considered breaking aseptic technique? Thank you in advance,