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149 what trye of pill is this?

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Inactive 2 Jul 2010

I suggest you take the pill to your local pharmacy... or there is a pill indentifier on this site very simple to use click on it and follow the instructions.

good luck

RemSupreme 2 Jul 2010

I looked around and if its peach/pink and elliptical(like a long oval its Naprosyn which is the brand name for naproxen which is Aleve an over the counter anti-inflammatory used for arthritis,and other ailments but its not a opiate,you wont get high from it you can buy it at any drug store and its 500 mg. and it should have 93 on the other side its a Teva(drug Company) generic naproxen.Next time give more information,color,shape if it is scored etc.

Inactive 2 Jul 2010

there are Image Results for "149"
Look on drug Identification on top of this page

barbles2413 3 Jul 2010

If it is not your then get rid of it it doesn't matter what it is. Dispose of it in way that no person or animal will ingest it free discount card

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