So I've been on the combination birth control pill Trinessa for 4 months now. I've always been very on point with taking them at 9:30 AM. Today was my 5th day of a new pack, so my 5th pill. I don't know how but I forgot to take it... My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex around 11 in afternoon. I realized at 10:30 PM I missed my pill and immediately took it. So I'm 13 hours late... I was wondering how much at risk am I of getting pregnant? Do I just continue on with my pills and use protection for the next week? I've read online that less than 12 hours is okay but I've hit the 13 mark and it's supposedly risky especially since it's my first week after having my period. Should I take a Plan B pill? And if so, does that interfere with my birth control whatsoever? I'd appreciate all input, thank you.