getting worse by the hour, her jaws snap,lots of drooling, afraid that 5 yr old will be injured by accident if she is too close, 7 siezures since 4 pm today, we are wondering if we give her too many phenobarbital 32.4 mg pills , will she just lie down and go to sleep, or will she keep staggering in left circles and continue to lose control of legs and bowels. we do NOT want to shoot her,we want her to leave us peacefully and NOT in pain. Please help, she has been a best friend to us and a CONSTANT LOYAL companion for 12 years, a lesion on her brain stem is causing all of this and we can not afford an MRI or surgery, she is my sons dog, this is breaking all of our hearts. how can we put her down without pain, she needs to just lie down and go to sleep, please help us-we need advice-the drugs for 60 days are not helping