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How does 125mg of solumedrol equate to oral prednisone?

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endlessPred 16 Feb 2012

Hi. The dose sounds scary but it is fine. I have received such doses IV before various treatments like IGG and rituxin. It keeps you from having a reaction from some other med. your doctor will explain how the immune suppression helps you with whatever is ailing you... it may be used if you are having some major illness as it will,work fast. Then they would,follow up with prednisone probaly. Perhaps your nurse or the doctor can help you.

tyjolexi3 17 Feb 2012

This explains why it was used but I still wanted to know what dose of prednisone is equal to the 125mg of solumedrol.

endlessPred 17 Feb 2012

125 mg is just that. I had asked my doc as well and they said it is fast acting. It really doesn't mean like being on regular prednisone. It only affects you at that time. I still took my regular dose of prednisone that same day. As I recall I was more sleepy. No withdrawal and not to worry. Must metabolize quickly as I was on 80 mg prednisone at that time. Have you looked up the drug on the drug site? There are many kinds of steroids.

It prevents an allergic reaction when something new is given that might cause a problem. It suppresses that inflammation response. It allows the body to use whatever they are giving you at that time without your body reacting to it as a foreign body.

Not a doctor or anything, but I had those worries too. The nurses doing the infusion said it is regular protocol for all kinds of things like chemo, IGG, rituxin, etc. Hope you are doing better now. free discount card

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