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I take 120mg of cymbalta for fibro;starting to feel pain again. Is there another med to try?

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LaurieShay 28 Feb 2015

Savella, Lyrica or Neurontin

balbanese 1 Mar 2015

No matter what med you try, you will always feel pain again, it's the pain med vs. tolerance vs. condition circle. I would add if you do switch (and there are numerous), be sure to allow ample time to get all the way off this stuff first, at 120 I'd suggest no less than 2-3 weeks of gradual reduction. It's an ugly med to stop, so doing so too abruptly then adding another will risk withdrawal and overlap. Uggh! Hang in there, keep me posted if you like.

PepperM 1 Mar 2015

I also have fibromyalgia. I've been taking Lyrica for years now. Ask your doctor about it.

SpineLady 1 Mar 2015

I took the same dosage of Cymbalta you are for years. I found it to be more helpful with my depression than pain. There are many, many more pain meds you could try, but that's something you need to discuss with your doctor. Ask him/her what he/she believes would give you more relief, but like others have said, you never reach the point of being completely pain free. All I look for in my pain meds is to be able to function, get up, get dressed and at least be able to get to the grocery store if needed. I still have pain and know I always will. You just have to find what medication works for you, and which one allows you to function in your life! It's a vicious cycle this pain **#@ is, but we're all here to help you at least feel like you're not alone! free discount card

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