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My 12 year old daughter has a fever and says her arm hurts and hurts to breath in?

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kaismama 5 Jul 2013

Is she coughing? What is her temp? It is possible she has an infection going on and needs to see a dr. I would see if I could get her temp and pain to decrease with ibuprofen and if not, take her to a dr.

Lukelives4043 6 Jul 2013

My son had pleurisy when about 11 & presented w similar symptoms. Fever, pain in chest similar to bruised rib pain. Pleurisy is inflammation of lungs linings & quite painful. He still bears a scar on lung which is often mistaken for something worse. U need to take your angel to doc for antibiotics. Good luck. She'll be fine. Lukelives4043

Celene3gg 6 Jul 2013

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