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11yr ol daughter has strep and I have clindamycin 300mg, is that sufficient or does she need 600mg?

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Nunwithgun 12 Feb 2017

Clindamycin isn't the first choice in combating Strep. I assume your daughter is allergic to Penicillin/Amoxicillin. I also assume you will dose 2x a day. I hope I'm assuming right...
So, 300mg 2x a day is 600mg vs. 600mg 1x a day is still 600mg.
Its easy on the tummy to do 2x a day rather then 1 huge dose.

Stephen Treloar 27 Feb 2017

I got the impression he planned on dosing her just twice and was . going to say you may get some minor temporary reduction in inflammation from the infection but that all it will actually really do is just breed some more antibiotic resistant bugs that will be even harder to treat. As others have said here today; there should never be any remaining antibiotics ever.

Windchimes123 12 Feb 2017

Hi Brianbo,
Please tell me if she has seen a doctor or are you managing her care?
Strep is miserable! I'm sorry she's going through this.
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