So I'm lost. The last time I had sex was April 28th, I was on BC taking it every day. However I was also on Topamax 175 mg which can affect BC pills effectiveness so I freaked and took plan b the next day. My last period before having sex was April 15-18. Then I continued taking birth control and had a light period may 17-20. I have a gyno appointment and we decided to stop doing BC for health reasons and I had a transvagianal ultrasound may 29th and all they saw was two cysts and a fiberoid on my uterus. I didn't express my worry of being pregnant then. Then in June I stopped taking my BC as agreed and got a weird light two day period June 18-20. Still haven't had any sex since April. Then I got a weird period July 14-16 it was heavy with cramps. I have taken 6 pregnancy tests all spread out and all negative but my issue is some days I'm cramping and nausea a and my stomach which is normally always flat has been boated with this bump? But would I be noticeably big if I was 11 weeks? I went to a new gyno June 2, and she did a full pelvic exam and she didn't seem to think I was pregnant when I asked her I mean she was in there. But I just can't shake the thought. I am in law school and CANNOT be pregnant right now.