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My 10yr old went from just having ADHD to being extremely ADHD, how bad is that?

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ade1971 30 Jan 2013

Could you clarify what you mean by extremely ADHD? Is there anything happening that might be making his behaviour worse? (I'm quite ADHD w/ some learning disabilities and they & my behaviour seemed extreme as a kid due to family issues... )

buzzbee49 30 Jan 2013

As a adhd adult and child and wth having 3 sons.I have been able to understand.i dont look at it as a disability these children are highly intelligent. Make sure to gt the rt dignoses.children wth adhd take an need more attention.thy are bord they need brain games to play to be told tht if thy did there best for that day even if its a c praise tht child they also gt bord doing one thing to long dont push wth the homework make it fun.stop play a one on one game with yelling it justs hurts their feelings.if your childs meds are making them more hyper then thy need to try ritalin it worked all my life.if your child talks alot then more than likey they are adhd.they need special attention thy are stars in the making i write childrens books poems it helps get the thoughts out of my head.if you need anything else please just ask me.thank you

smileyhappy 30 Jan 2013

Hi Smuckie,

I have a son with Adhd also. Try to think or ask him what he ate or took that might of change his behavior. Does he take meds for Adhd? Did he skip it? When my son skips his he is very hyper. Are you in the process of trying a new med for him that could do it too.

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