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Can I take a 10mg valium this evening after taking 20mg of lasix this morning ?

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Inactive 26 Feb 2012

If your doctor prescribed them, you certainly can.

Inactive 26 Feb 2012

As Sweet Lemon has so artfully stated, if you primary care physician has prescribed them both, there certainly are no medical contraindications to taking both of these medications. Just a little point I want to make, It is always best to have a primary care provider, like a family doc or your internist who is the director of the symphony of your health care. That way all providers know everything about you that they need to know to give you the best possible care. So, if you were to break your arm, your orthopod would send your primary care doc copies of everything so he would know it happened and if you were to get an infection or something related to the break, both doctors could collaborate on the care you need. Sounds simple doesn't it? I wonder why it doesn't always happen that way
Lasix is a diuretic, used to get rid of excess fluid in the body and lower b/p and Valium is a benzodiazepam and is a tranquilizer and/or skeletal muscle relaxer.
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Inactive 26 Feb 2012

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