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Can I take 10mg valium with 150mg amitriptyline to sleep?

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MacIntosh12 8 Oct 2013

IF the same doc prescribed them to be taken together, yes, if not, call your doc to ask. I must say this though, if your body is used to amitriptyline, you probably can take the 10mgs of Valium safely. But just know that they are both CNS depressants, so be careful!

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Delila 8 Oct 2013

Hi, we were both writing at the same time, sorry if i repeated anything you said : )

Delila 8 Oct 2013

Hi, you should be fine taking the 2 together. There is a moderate interactions risk the 2 combined can increase feelings of dizziness, drowsiness & trouble concentrating... Considering you are taking them at night, this shouldn't be too much of an issue, but take some time to see how you are effected the next morning, be careful of driving, etc. See the link:,862-441
However, i am very concerned about the dose of Amitriptyline you are taking! I've never heard of any one taking such a high dose

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MacIntosh12 8 Oct 2013

Hi D,
I didn't even NOTICE the amount of Amitrip the questioner was taking...
Great call, Delila!

DzooBaby 8 Oct 2013

I used to take 300mg a night back in my 20's when I had a bad bout with anxiety and depression. 300mg is the max dose

DzooBaby 8 Oct 2013

I also took Valium 10mg three times a day with that.

Inactive 8 Oct 2013

Wow DZooBaby - 300 mgs! I don't know how you even talked - that's a whopping dose. My neurologist had me increase from 50 to 100 mgs for a trial for sleep, and I barely knew my own name. It's been the worst for dry mouth - even worse than the Methadone and Oxycodone and Fentora - taken all together. My gums receded SO much more the 2 years I was on it. - EJ23

Delila 9 Oct 2013

Hi Dzoo! Thank you for educating me on that! I used to take 50mg, down to 20mg now, against my wishes. I had no idea it could be used at such high doses. More invaluable information from you as always, D x free discount card

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