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What will a 10mg roxy show up as on a 5 panel drug test or stick test they do in house?

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24 Jul 2012

The drug test will test positive for oxycodone. If he has a prescription, no problem. If he is buying them on the street, he may have pain issues and self medicating. Anyway you two need to have a "heart to heart" discussion regarding this issue.
Sweet Hippie

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24 Jul 2012

Of course, why wouldn't it? Unless they're not testing for opiates, then probably not. hope this helps

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24 Jul 2012

Cindy I am confused by your question. It will show up as oxycodone. But that is the expected result unless it isn't prescribed and somebody is worried because they aren't supposed to be taking "anything" or are taking meds and just not that one??? Not sure what you are really seeking here... but I hope this helps you. OxyCodone is it.


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25 Jul 2012

Actually, it may not show up at all. A 5 panel test only test for opiates (drugs derived from naturally occuring alkaloids of the poppy plant-not to be confused with opioids which are any drugs chemically related to the poppy plant, be they natural, synthetic or semisynthetic-this gets rather confusing unless you are a chemist) Oxycodone, a semi synthetic opioid, requies a specific test for thebaine derived drugs which I dont believe a 5 panel has. 5 panel usually picks up opiate drugs like morphine and codeine which are naturally occuring alkaloids from the opium poppy-also heroin(diacetylmorphine) which breaks down into a morphine metabolite. I take Oxycontin and oxycodone and was required by my job to take a 5 panel test which came up negative since it doesnt test for thebaine derivatives. If they do a higher panel test, like a ten or twelve, those usually cover the thebaine derivatives. See my reference copied below:

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