My 7 year old has been on Onfi for a couple of years. He was also on Banzel. I believed the Onfi may be causing numerous side effects and the Drs were slowly taking it away. Last year before the Onfi was completely out of his dosing, they decided to change his Rx from Banzel to Depekote. Apparently, the Onfi was forgotten about, idk... Anyway, we finally made the switch over to Depekote, very slowly, but those side effects are still around... I feel sure it is the Onfi... My husband and I have expressed our concerns about it and are finally taking it away. He is down to 10mg at bedtime. He weighs about 56 lbs. Is that a high enough dose to still cause the side effects? How long will it continue to be in his system after the final dose is given? Ever since the Neurologist (who we no longer see) gave it to him, we have witnessed these side effects... drooling, lazy bottom lip, easily bruising, sluggish, horrible focus, etc.. He has seizures in his sleep and I have yet to see a Nerologist who knows what to do... when Rxs make him want to sleep and sleeping is his kryptonite, well, we have an issue... Poor baby is a zombie and I want my child back! I feel like My husband and I make more decisions on the medications than the Drs... Any advice would be appreciated!