I had a sever ear infection and was given percocet..I also had some t3's which I used more so than the percocet.. I have been taking either the t3 or the perc for a few weeks.. but there are days when I don't use any.. I will go 2 or 3 days with nothing.. I have been adicted to them before after many surgeries in a year.. It was the most horrible thing I have EVER been through and I was only taking 60mg a day at most..

I am afraid I am going to get withdrawal again.. can you get withdrawal from ONLY 10 mg a day? most recently I took 1 T3 last friday and then didn't take anything for over 72 hours I was fine.. then I took 1 10mg percocet on monday late afternoon.. then nothing the next day.. took 1 yesterday and 1 today I don't plan on taking anything tomorrow.. I am not in that much pain anymore.. so I flushed all but 3 so I have 2 left right now..

My big question is am I going to get withdrawal? if so when would it hit?