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Is 10mg Flexeril or 4mg Zanaflex more effective for chronic pain?

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kaismama 30 Sep 2014

I would have to say flexeril is better, except for the fact that it puts me to sleep.

SpineLady 30 Sep 2014

I currently take Zanaflex 4mg. and I've taken Flexeril in the past, I don't really notice a difference between the two. They are both muscle relaxers, so I feel for my chronic pain I need more than just a muscle relaxer, but that's me. Again, I think they are both effective for muscle relaxation.

balbanese 30 Sep 2014

Hard to say, what works well for one does not for another. Best bet is to report your symptoms and allow the Dr to make the decision, recommend you do not make "suggestions." The pain patient/Dr relationship is in a very sad state these days, and it is not going to improve in our favor.

Play it safe, let the Dr do the prescribing and stick only to describing your ills, and you'll have a better chance of getting the help you need.

SarahsStuff 10 Apr 2017

I've been using Flexeril 10 MG every night for decades and will also use up to 1 pill every 8 hours when additional spasms and muscle strains occur. Recently, I have had acute muscle strain in my upper back that also effects my neck and head with severe tight pain. I asked my doctor if there might be a better muscle relaxer to use when having the head, neck and upper back pain that persist for 3 to 4 days. He prescribed Tizanidine 4 MG (aka Zanaflex 4 mg) and for me it seems to work much better with strong medium relief. Tizanidine aka Zanaflex 4 mg does cause me drowsiness and I have fallen asleep while in my recliner. Falling asleep is a bonus since I would rather sleep through my pain then be aware and awake feeling miserable. When I take my Flexeril 10 mg it works for medium problems and I don't get drousy at all so I'm able to get relief and still go about my business.

Lifenmeds 10 Apr 2017

You have to do what's best for you, use whatever works best for you and your body. We are different in reacting to meds and our health issues/symptoms aren't always a carbon copy. I can tell you that I was prescribed flexerall, amongst other meds, and it knocked me out. Yes, fine when the spasms/pain are excrutiating, I would agree that I would rather sleep through. As time went on, the flexerall didn't knock me out like that, tolerance I'm sure. There are many muscle relaxers out there, some will make you tired and some won't. I agree, talk to your Dr, as far as what works best for you. And, you never know until you try, if you are in the middle of a change. In addition, please discuss with your Dr the side effects of switching one out for another and the proper way do that. Doing this right will result in success on helping you. My best to you! free discount card

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