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How much of a 10mg pill gets in blood system isn't some of it absord in your sytem?

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kaismama 29 May 2013

Like everything else we swallow, it goes to our stomach and intestine, where it is absorbed into or blood stream. From there it is delivered to where it needs to go to work.

chuck brown 29 May 2013

I understand that but is not a full 10 mg some of that mg is lost in you're bowels you cant get the full 10 mg it gets lost in you're body fluids at best you might get 5 or 6 mg is this not true. thank you for you're response

DzooBaby 29 May 2013

This depends on the drug and the bioavailability of the drug. When they give a certain amount of drug in a pill, it is expected that not all of it will be absorbed so they account for this by putting enough medication in the pill to work. This is why pill doses are different from parenteral or IV doses. The bioavailability is different for each different drug. free discount card

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