i had unprotected sex with my bf last April 1, 2014. i took nordette the next day April 2. i took 4pill for my first dose then another 4pills after 12hrs. the next day april 3 we another unprotected sex but i didnt took any pills anymore. then had sex again april 9 but i didnt took any pills again cause i thought it was okay since i took it last april 2. april 3 and 9 he did withdrawal naman. now its april 12 and my expected period for this month is april 22. I've been experiencing breast tenderness also its a bit painful and mild cramps ever since taking the pill. but until now i still dont experience any bleeding. is there a chance that im pregnant? PLEASE HELP :((( DI KO NA ALAM GAGAWIN KO. SOBRANG GULONG GULO NA KO. FIRST TIME KO KASI GAMITIN NORDETTE :(