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Can 100mg of topiramate cause mood swings, ie anger outbursts etc?

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Just_Lulu07 23 Oct 2015

Some of the less common side effects are, mood or mental changes, including aggression, agitation, apathy, irritability, and mental depression. I have also read reviews from people taking Topiramate 100mgs, some taking lower doses, stating that Topiramate has caused a negative change in their mood. Some changes were mild, while others stated the changes were drastic. Its also stated with Topiramate that some side effects can slowly go away over time. If they don't go away, DO NOT stop taking it! It can cause dangerous side effects when suddenly stopped. I take Topiramate, and don't get mood swings, But, everyone will react differently, hang in there, and don't give up! Talking with your doctor about an alternative medication, can be good, because there are other medications, with similar indications to Topiramate, that you could respond to very well. In the mean time, mentioning to friends and family that your trying a new medicine, and it's causing changes in your mood, will help them , but help you to not worry or stress while being around them. I hope this helps, and finds you well!

cnoble 14 Nov 2015

Personally, I do not think so. It made me feel a whole lot better and a whole lot more like me. Even my husband who hates when I take medicine, he now understands that it really can help those in need. I was in need for Topamax and it's treatment. free discount card

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