find myself back at he same point only going back been back on sertraline a year in its fading fast my doc said put up the dose but it just ramps the anxiety up , so I went back on Lexapro this morning and played it safe with 5mg bad news anxiety ramp should have gone to 10mg so both meds pass each other 1 coming in has the other goes out, don't forget Lexapro is way stronger than sertraline , don't straight taper 25mg of sertraline to 10mg lex has some it will floor you. 10mg lex is the same has 100 to 150 mg sertraline , they say is old brother citalopram 30mg is 10mg lex 20mg is says but be proved much stronger , over 65 year old and 10mg is the limit on lex so goes to show strenth