I am a little concerned here when I hit the doughnut hole in September when some of my prescription meds are full retail price. Wonderful to have SSDI but that doughnut hole nonsense is killing me financially. I haven't been on the patches long enough to even know what I can expect to pay. I have a feeling it is going to be in excess of $450.00 per month by itself. I currently pay $42.00 for it. I started it last August but I cannot remember what I paid after September... I do remember the doctor I was seeing at the time that I had better find the money because I was having such great results. Now that is a doctor who has no compassion for someone who is on SSDI. And, yes he knew that. The point isn't that I could afford it... the point is I cannot any longer because of the other stuff I am on.

Is there a generic for Fentanyl or another patch that has generics? The doctor I have now is a lot easier to work with and is agreeable to change. Do I have options for Fentanyl??? 100mcg every 3 days change it.