Have had 3 pregnancies..1st 20 yrs ago when I was 18 yrs old..I since hav had 2 childre... & knew w/both b4 I missed a period..both were born naturally on exact due dates..I hav taken promethazine for 10 yrs (25 mg 3x'sa. Day) due 2 a lifelong phobia of vomiting & panic attacks..it bcame my crutch... I got very sick almost 4 yrs ago & dropped to 91 lbs..looked anorexic) tried desperately these yrs 2 gain even a pound..no luck..now in about 3 months I hav gained 17 lbs... over the past few months I cld swear on my life I was either pregnant & miscarried or still am & the promethzine might b messing up the blood results as I hav read from many sources... I hav since been in bed with EVERY prego symptom imaginable plus some..except I still get what seems 2 b a regularly timed m/s..but the 1st after possible conception was awful... clots were crazy & the odor was nothing words cld describe..I now hav shorter and seriously lighter cycles... so much 2 the story but hav been intensely sick..hit the ER 1 time..but make u wait & rush u out..they did an u/s on empty bladder & tech even said "i can't even see anything cuz there is so much gas"... every prego symptom was & is there but under stress I saw It all in hindsight after trying 2 figure out why I am so sick..can I hav gotten a false negative hcg blood result due 2 being on this med & clonazepam 4 ten yrs... its said promethazine can affect hcg results but can't 4 the life of me find out exactly how much it messes the numbers..:thanks 2 anyone who can help... sorry so long... trust me the story & symptoms cld hav been a book... this Is my very condensed version