I have anxiety, bi-polar depression and OCD and have been on non TCI antidepressants and xanax . I am suppose to take 3.0mg of xanax a day but I only take 0.5 to 1.0 a da y depending on an as needed basis. I recently tried to ween myself off of geodon and pristiq without my doctors prior ok. Unaware that after being with this doctor 14 years, he has a new random drug test policy. I had to pee in one of those cups already equipped with a test. If I took 0.5 xanax every day for months will it be enough to show up as benzos, and can this kind of cup detect that I didn't take my non TCI antidepressants and my ultram. I only take my ultram when I absolutely need it and the last does was 6 days and then 3 hours before the test. Any ideas???