I took a 10mg dose citalopram for about 2.5 weeks and it was hell. I had terrible anxiety (especially in the morning), insomnia, and really dark thoughts and nightmares. I also had denationalization, but I think that was out of balance hormones.

I actually started tapering off 5 days ago. I did 5mg for 2 days and now 2.5mg for 3 days. I feel a bit of anxiety, but no "brain zaps" etc. I have actually felt A LOT better.

I am feeling better mostly because I sorted out some hormonal problems which were the root of my anxiety. I feel I do not need the citalopram. Is it ok to just stop taking it at this point?

One source said it is safe to wean off the drug over 1-2 weeks if I was on it less than 8 weeks but that's the only source I could find.