I also didnt take the plan b until about 30 hrs after unprotected sex (pull out) like i said i want a baby but it is not safe due to my lupus meds i have to stop for at least a month before trying due to possible severe birth defects I'm on methotrexate injection 20mg 1x week i am also on a folic acid supplement due to the fact the medication stops your body from producing it i am afraid if i am pregnant because i don't belive in abortion(please no judgment or lectures about abortion it's really not relevent about my beliefs) but i also don't want to harm my baby thank you for your help(i have also not had sex with my husband since taking and u took the plan b 3 days before surgery and don't know if i was given antibiotics during surgery which i know can sometimes counter act birth control and i have never taken plan b before i only took it because i was having surgery and wanted to be safe please help and pleaser no judgements thank you in advance