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There is only 1 review for Doryx stating great for COPD patients, what does COPD stand for?

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Inactive 14 May 2012

Hello steve-bradley. COPD stands for Chroinc Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I have it. Regards, pledge

steve-bradley 14 May 2012

Thanks for the info pledge. The reason I asked is because I was given a course of Doxycycline for Sinusitus and the pills have made me very ill indeed. Stopped taking them 3 days in, informed my GP and now taking Amoxicillin with NO side effects.That is the reason I checked out what Doxycycline is used for. The 1 review was related to COPD. Hope you get over this problem soon.

Inactive 15 May 2012

Very good Steve and thanks for the update. Have a great week.

Granny-T 14 May 2012

Doryx is an antibiotic drug used to treat upper respiratory infections, such as the flu, pneumonia, etc. COPD, meaning, Cronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a disease of the lungs brought on mainly by smoking. Often feeling as if you can't-catch-your-breathe, a person with COPD is able to breathe in {inhale}, but finds it very difficult to breathe out {exhale} the bad air from the lungs & air-ways {carbon-dioxide}.

DzooBaby 14 May 2012

My son takes Doryx for acne. It can be used for skin conditions like acne. Doryx is just a brand name slow release doxycycline. So any bacterial infection that is susceptible to doxycycline can be treated with this antibiotic.

kaismama 14 May 2012

COPD encompasses chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It can be brought on by other then smoking, for example if you work in a place with air pollution, like a steel mill, etc. My dad had it and never smoked a day in his life, but did work in the mill most of his life.

Inactive 14 May 2012

Very true, and I agree. It is not just brought on through smoking. Have a good one.

DzooBaby 14 May 2012

Also people who have long standing asthma can get COPD. It is what the name states. A chronic obstruction of the pulmonary system(or lungs, brochial tubes etc). Any chronic obstruction of the breathing system can bring this on. It is definitely not just smokers! Although smoking DOES often bring it on.

briantravis1004 14 May 2012

Hello everybody, I am a former smooker. I quit in Oct of 2001. I have COPD by having Alpha-1 Antitryspin disease. How ever has COPD SHOULD BE TESTED FOR ALPHA-1. It is a rare disease that hads been around for 20 plus years. Please get tested. If you are Alpha -1 you will have to have infusions. I have mine once a week, some cane go every two weeks. But ASK YOU DR. TO HAVE YOU TESTED.

Doryx what is this for.copd-- congestive obstructive pulmonary disease free discount card

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