On June 25th afternoon my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He always pulls out. But that day he said "he didn't feel" when he came. It wasnt when I got up when I realized he came inside of me. I let it slide because we agreed to just relax and take the pill. We go a second time, this time he pulls out but again, when I got out of bed, I realized some of it had gotten inside AGAIN. The next day I went to my doctor and drank the day after pill. But Now Im wondering if one pill works for both times he came inside of me. This is the first time this ever happens to me I know little about this pill. Im supposed to get my period this month the 13th so is not that Im late but I've been feeling pretty funny my stomach has been hurting for about four days now its been gassy and my breasts are sore. My food usually feels like is stuck in my throat after im done eating like heart burn dont know if Im paranoid and now cant stop thinking if the pill actually worked... is it also too early to feel any signs if I am pregnant???