... every six hours which helped with making pain more tolerable. I went to my PC dr 3 wks post op cuz surgeon said he'd see me in October... PC made me feel like a drug seeker and cut my pain meds down to 5/325 every eight hours.I told him that i would still be in pain and he said I am weaning you off the pain medication. This is three wks after surgery and i was telling him Im still having alot of pain and discomfort. it wasnt like I was asking for moriphine or percacet but to continue what i was taking that was atleast making pain tolorable. 5/325 has been completely unhelpful. I doubled up the 5/325 so my pain would hopefully be more tolerable even though it was being not only decreased but time I could take it increased. Well about 5 hrs after I take two I'm in pain again and have to wait 3 hrs to take anymore. Once I ran completely out I went three days just to try and stop taking the pain medication and trying just Tylenol and pain has been terrible. Tylenol hasn't helped in the least.
I put a call into my Surgeon after this at my husbands request. He said I needed to go in or an MRI which I've scheduled and said he'd call in something for my pain.. I told him I'd been taking just Tylenol with no relief. He called in a rx for Norco and pharmacy called me said they can't fill it because its the same does 5/325 every eight hrs my PC prescribed me. I'm at a complete loss as of what to do now, I'm literally in tears knowing my pain is not going to be addressed properly. I don't know what to do now except go to the ER and I'm afraid at this point no one will help me.. Can anyone please please give me some advice any would be greatly appreciated I feel so alone with this now